Tennis at the Turn

The Driftway Collection

1873 - 1938

THE DRIFTWAY COLLECTION is one of the world’s premier lawn tennis collections.

"Tennis at the Turn" refers to the golden age of tennis,  beginning with the sport's early growth before the turn of the 20th century, and it's chronological evolution, up to 1938.

The History of Lawn Tennis and pieces from the collection, shown in the Gallery,  including racquets, collectible memorabilia, and collectible imagery and publications, help to illustrate that story. In the Library, you will find reference articles and links for further research.

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Slazenger Calcutta • 1896


The best racquets in the game, used by the best players, were rounding out in the head.

This frame carries an impressed logo from Calcutta, India, and speaks volumes about how the game was leaking out of the British empire to exotic global venues.

This is an exported English frame; most of the racquets were being made in the UK or the United States, particularly around Newport, RI and London.

Savvy collectors will pay high prices for impressed logos and names. Decals and transfers became popular in the US first.

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